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Football and fixed matches; a very mysterious and controversial topic, in this article we will respond to the questions that are most frequently made to us:

  • What are fixed matches,
  • Is best vip fixed matches legal?
  • Where can I find best vip fixed matches?


What are fixed matches ?
Fixed matches are sporting events where the result is manipulated by third parties, in football the results of matches are agreed before the start so as to have advantages in betting.

In the best vip fixed matches most of the time players, referees and executives are involved; the main purpose of this practice is to obtain an economic return through betting; In fact knowing the results of a game before it starts guarantees you safe winnings and high profits.


Is best vip fixed matches legal ?

To agree the result of a match is not legal nor ethical towards the sport but despite this there are criminal groups that do not scruple and accord the results of football matches through corruption and threats.
Once the football matches are granted they are sold to companies like ours and then resold to our visitors.
Betting on real fixed matches is unethical, but there are ways to bypass the system that will allow you to bet on fixed matches without having any problems and repercussions.


Where can I find best vip fixed matches ?
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